Zurich, Ground

Zurich, Ground

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  • Origin : Peru
  • Process : Washed
  • Roast : Medium
  • Notes : Almond, Strawberry, Rose
  • Harvest : June to September
  • Ground Medium-Fine


Pleasant and Mellow character. 

Consists of a light-body profile with smooth nutty, fruity flavors followed with a flowery aroma. Overall the flavors are delicate and the acidity isn’t overpowering. This blend is soft to the palette and leaves a pleasant impression.

Peru grows coffee in both high and low-altitude areas. In the high altitude, farms in the Andes mountains, running through Central Peru, provides good growing conditions for arabica coffee. Farms in the lower altitude spread across the coastal plain producing coffee with a mild acidity, medium body, and smooth notes of flowers and gentle fruit.